What IS EOS®

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete collection of simple concepts and practical tools helping thousands of entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses.


The EOS Model™

The EOS Model™

This visual illustration represents a holistic view of the EOS Model and its six components. The strengthening and systemization of these elements directly correlates with the health of your company.

Starting with strengthening the first 3 Components of Vision, People and Data, leads to creating an accountable, trusted, open and honest environment. As the result issues become more visible, processes can be developed and simplified and then Traction® is achieved.

How The EOS Process™ Works:

How The EOS Process™ Works:

Using the right tool at the right time is essential in putting it all together. The EOS Process™ helps put all the pieces together with a smooth and well thought out sequence of events and tools to best strengthen each key component of your organization. This can be led by an “EOS Implementer” to guide a leadership team through the process or by person on the leadership team or a professional implementer outside the company.

The EOS Toolbox™

The EOS Toolbox™ Helps Leadership Teams to:

Simple, easy to learn and use! The EOS Toolbox is a complete set of tools, to help with strengthening all six key components of the EOS Model in any business. Use of these tools helps avoid complexity because every tool in the EOS Toolbox has been designed and aligned, in practice, to be the best tool for helping your team avoid developing new tools, and instead focus on strengthening the key components of the EOS Model.

Why EOS® Works.

You are not alone! Many business leaders often have these very common frustrations:

  • Lack of control / anxiety over their business activity.

  • Not enjoying their work, feeling off balance.

  • Not getting what they should out of their people.

  • Lower than expected profit levels.

  • Feeling of being stuck and not being able to take it to the next level.

  • Not knowing where to start and how to address issues.

The EOS Model™

An EOS implementation will help you and your team get a hold of three vital things in any business to help address all these concerns:

1) Vision

Getting everyone in your team 100% on the same page and aligned with where you are going, and how you are going to get there.

2) Traction®

Bringing consistency of focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company, making it possible for everyone to execute on the vision—all the time.

3) Healthy

Helping leaders become a more cohesive, functional, and healthy leadership unit, working and executing toward the same vision as a team.

An EOS implementation will help create clarity within your team, and it allows your leaders to use a consistent and proven model, process and a set of tools to continue taking the organization to the next level. From there, as goes your leadership team so goes the rest of your organization.

Let’s face it, dealing with business challenges is just a part of being an entrepreneur, but you can avoid execution inefficacies with EOS.

Get Started with EOS

Book Your Free 90-Minute Meeting With Frank and during this meeting, he will explain and discuss the different elements of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) system to help you decide if it’s time for you to move forward with EOS®.

Invest 90 Minutes with us and see how the six EOS® elements
can take your organization to the next level:

Get your entire team 100% on the same page

and pulling towards a shared vision

Get the best from all your people by placing them

in the right seats with the right roles

Objectively track business activities

to assure goals are met and results are achieved

Develop systems for to quickly resolve issues

and to keep moving forward

Bring consistency to everything you do

in the course of your business

Create a persistent, accountable and enjoyable work environment

where you and your team execute to achieve
everything in your shared vision.

EOS works for any entrepreneurial company regardless of industry, because it’s not about your product, it’s all about how you run your business. As long as you’ve got people in your business, EOS can help you!

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