Meet Frank

Frank (Z) Kamal

Life Coach | Business Coach | Author | Speaker

Personal Mission:

To be a positive differentiator with every person
and every situation I encounter in my life, and to
leave behind a legacy of love, compassion and peace.

Frank Kamal

You can see from my mission statement above that I love to make a positive difference! I have been a Life and Business Coach for over 20 years. My past professional experiences include multiple entrepreneurship spells and several executive positions, but I consider myself to be a student of life more than anything else. I love all people, the Tao Te Ching philosophy and learning everything I can about human behavior. I am also super curious about the human mind and psyche.

I also love sharing what I learn, so I developed an exclusive step-by-step system with 5 integrated elements to help successful professionals get the most out of their life through their personal powers. My goal is always to help my clients reach their full potential and to learn to enjoy their life journey.

I have held numerous leadership positions in various industries, and I have always had onefundamental constant belief: “People First”. When you meet me I deliver and expect:

  • Respect & Truthfulness
  • Honesty & Humility
  • Fairness , Kindness & Laughs
  • An Attitude of Abundance

If we do end up working together, you can also expect to be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and grow as we collaborate to create clarity on your path of becoming a better leader.

I look forward to connecting with you soon. Be well,

Yes! I want Coach Frank to help me achieve freedom, balance and direction in my life and at my work.

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